City Game

Walking quest
Walking questsо (City Games) are very versatile and cover many tasks: from teambuilding to educational ones. The flexibility of the program allows it to be adapted to the specific wishes of the Customer, which not every program can afford.

City game

Search and visit of objects
Search for objects in various ways, evaluation of the optimal route of movement (if such strategy is chosen).
Search on objects
Quest search on objects in order to discover secret artifacts.
Tasks at the objects
Solutions of tasks related to the features of objects.
Tasks for ingenuity
Tasks, so that even in transitions from object to object, not to be distracted))
Bonus tasks
Difficult tasks that require a serious resource, but also generously rewarded, are one of the most important points in the strategy for distributing forces.
Tasks with characters
Special tasks, seasoned with the specifics of communication of each of the persons (used optionally).
Teambuilding tasks
Command-building tasks placed near some objects (used optionally).

Advantages and disadvantages of the city game (walking quest)

  • Adaptability
    Suitable for all ages and physical abilities
  • Teamwork
    Clearly expressed work on teamwork skills
  • Interest
    High degree of excitement and involvement, accordingly
  • Cognitiveness
    Excursion-cognitive function, which is not inherent in any other teambuilding, except for narrowly focused programs
  • Prizes
    A sufficiently large number of nominations, which allows most teams to climb the podium
  • Price
    In the basic options - a very small cost of conducting
  • Analytics
    It is difficult to track the actions of all teams throughout the event if there is a goal of analysis, but there is no way to assign an appropriate pro to each team
  • Location
    Cannot be held anywhere (in its full form)

City quests

About the stages of the quest, prizes and awards
Structure of corporate city quests
Types of prize pools (4 options)
How do we award + photos


Meeting all participants, dividing into teams, thinking up names and slogans, acquaintance of rivals.
Getting basic information about the quest and its rules, exchanging contacts.
Passing the stages of the quest.
Finish can be simultaneous or split, depending on the mechanics of the quest. Finish time or team results are taken into account.
The distinguished teams, as well as teams from the prize trio, get on the podium.


Awards usually consist of two stages. In the first, all correct answers are announced. The second honors the distinguished teams.


Depending on the chosen package, different prizes and their combinations are used
Click on the proper titles to view photos of all types of prizes

Other corporate quest programs

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Quest in the center for city guests
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A nice and healthy variety for your super picnic
Banquet quest
The cherry on the cake of your event
Car quest
Dynamics, drive and the opportunity to get to know the greater part of the city
VIP Quest
Customized scenarios or expensive improvements to standard ones
Adventure quest
Feel like you are on an adventure

Order a City Game
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