Teambuilding "Universal"

This program was developed in the summer of 2013 and since then has been refined and improved many times. Its popularity is due to the following positive qualities:
  • Accessibility for participants of any age and physical condition
    An elderly accountant and a young courier, a nerdy programmer and a driver with an incomplete secondary education - all of them will find goals and tasks for themselves in this program and will be useful to the team, they will feel necessary and valuable
  • The absence of an enemy
    The overwhelming majority of tasks and stages are integrated in such way that the collective, divided into teams, does not enter into direct competition with each other. Each team's task is to complete the tasks as best as possible, but not to defeat the certain team
  • Variability
    The tasks and stages of this program can be rebuilt and configured for specific tasks or terrain conditions.
  • Possibility of carrying out practically to any territory
    With rare exceptions, this program can be conducted in virtually any territory. It can also be done indoors.
  • The variety of tasks and the opportunity for everyone to find something of their own
    There are many tasks and they differ significantly from each other, so everyone will definitely show themselves in something that will positively affect the procedure for self-realization of the individual and the positive emotions of the whole team.
  • Replayability
    This teambuilding can be repeated several times for the same participants, changing the tasks and their content, but leaving the mechanics and the overall strategy unchanged. We have repeated examples when the same company ordered this team building from us several times (the record is five times).
  • The predominance of communication over the original individual advantages
    If a champion in weight lifting or a master of sports in shooting gets into any of the teams, this will not give her any obvious advantages. The nature of the tasks is such that those teams prevail here, in which they are able to coordinate their actions and communicate faster and better, but not those where someone tries to pull everything out on their own.

Team building video

Teambuilding outdoors
An example of using the "Universal" team building program in the fresh air.
Team building indoors
An example of using the "Universal" team building program in a conference room.

Teambuilding timing

The indicated ranges depend on the total number of participants and the goals set
  • Briefing
    On average 20 to 40 minutes
  • Teambuilding
    From 150 to 210 minutes
  • Awarding
    On average 20 to 45 minutes


This teambuilding program also bears this name because it can be carried out practically everywhere: in a park, square, house territory, in a hotel, at a recreation center, on a beach, in a forest, and even in a room of sufficient size, for example, a conference hall.
Note: according to statistics, the most popular place for such a team building is a recreation center.

Formation process and team size

There are three ways to form teams
  • Random
    Teams are formed in a random order according to the universal procedure established by us
  • By lists
    The composition of the teams is determined by pre-compiled lists that are provided to us by HR or the head of the company
  • Optional
    Participants independently form teams based on basic metrics (for example, the maximum number of people in a team)
Team size
Depending on the total number of participants, the team size ranges from 4 to 10 people. The larger the group for which teambuilding is carried out, the more people in the team. Based on the estimated number of people in the team, we select teambuilding stages and form the rules for their passage.

Teambuilding content

In this program, there are various tasks of three types: teambuilding, quest and bonus. The number of tasks is such that it is impossible to complete them all in the allotted time, that is why it is necessary to turn on strategic thinking, distributing which tasks to perform and which not to do, what to do first and what to leave for later, to whom to assign what role and who to control the execution of all decisions making.

Teambuilding tasks

There are different types of tasks here: some are strictly for clear communication among the participants, some are more fun to cheer up and have fun. We will select the right ones for you based on your goals. Or we use those that will create a qualitative balance between the achievement of both the first and second tasks.
Examples of some teambuilding tasks

Quest tasks

These are difficult three-stage tasks. First you need to find a hidden place, then (and it's not a fact that your guess turned out to be correct) to find hidden codes or riddles and now convert them into the correct answer. Whether to rush to these tasks at once with the whole team or first send someone to reconnaissance, and start team building tasks themselves - this is all at the choice of each specific team. And only after the final calculation of the results it will be clear whose strategy turned out to be correct.

Bonus tasks

Tasks for ingenuity, observation, and somewhere for communication skills, which will bring additional victory points to your team. The amount of remuneration is clearly indicated and the participants themselves decide how much effort to devote to a particular task.

Awarding Procedure

Stages of rewarding in teambuilding

Calculation of results
Review of the past teambuilding
Note: according to statistics, in this type of team building, from 100 to 70% of teams are awarded, i.e. Virtually everyone becomes a winner in some way, that has a positive effect on the emotions of the participants.

Teambuilding awards

Depending on the chosen package, different prizes and their combinations are used
Click on the proper titles to view photos of all types of prizes

How much does this teambuilding cost?

Advantages and disadvantages teambuilding "Universal"

  • Adaptability
    Everyone can participate. Teambuilding should be organized in such a way that everyone feels comfortable and feels their usefulness, belonging to the team. This program provides it.
  • Teamwork and delegation
    Not only intra-team work skills are honed, but also the skill of delegating and dividing into subgroups.
  • Improving communication
    The key role is in the interaction of the team, and not individual abilities (for example, a champion in some kind of sport will not particularly help the team, the quality interaction is more important here).
  • Fascinating
    The widest variety of tasks, which increases the interest and involvement of participants.
  • Drive at the awarding
    A very large number of nominations make it possible for virtually all teams to climb the podium, which creates an additional final super-positive atmosphere.
  • Simplicity of analytics
    It is easy enough to track the actions of the teams throughout the team building.
  • The cost of basic options
    Affordable cost, which allows you to try this method of team building in virtually any company. For those who are just starting out, the TOP versions of this program, in principle, are not needed.
  • Territorial restrictions
    Difficult to hold in a street format (and not necessary). Difficult to carry out in areas with limited space.
  • The cost of TOP options
    Advanced or top-end options for holding have a rather high price.

Photos from the teambuilding "Universal"

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Types of team building "Universal"

  • Teambuilding equipment - standard
  • Quest tasks - on the territory (search)
  • Brainstorm
  • Prizes: diplomas in all nominations, as well as for 3rd, 2nd and 1st places
  • Teambuilding equipment - improved
  • Quest tasks - on the territory (search)
  • Brainstorm
  • Prizes: * diplomas in all nominations, as well as for 3rd, 2nd and 1st places; *branded sparkling wine for all winners
  • Photography
  • Video shooting
  • Making a video
  • Teambuilding equipment - advanced
  • Quest tasks: * with actors; * on the territory (search)
  • Brainstorm
  • Prizes: * diplomas in all nominations, as well as for 3rd, 2nd and 1st places; *branded sparkling wine for all winners; * cups
  • Photography
  • Video shooting
  • Making a video
  • Special awarding procedure with a teambuilding effect for all teams and all participants

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