Team building in Chisinau

Cohesion training in Chisinau
Corporate teambuilding in Chisinau is a variety of events aimed at teambuilding, strengthening bonds between departments and divisions of the company, improving and understanding the corporate culture and the implementation of other goals and objectives.

team building activities Chisinau

Main options

Universal teambuilding program

conducting a teambuilding - cohesion training
Cohesion training in a form of this universal program is one of the most popular teambuilding options for employees. The teams do not oppose each other, but each implements the tasks set in such way as to be the best in the end. Excitement encourages everyone to be involved in the process from start to finish. For this format, in fact, there is no problem where to hold teambuilding in Chisinau, as it is suitable for both outdoor teambuilding and indoor teambuilding (teambuilding in the office, conference room, hotel).

Team building games Chisinau

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City game Scavenger hunt Chisinau

Walking city quest for a corporate party
Walking quests "Treasure hunt" in Chisinau are preferable to be carried out in the city center, which is quite large, so if you wish, you can also conduct an autoquest in Chisinau - this is the individual specificity of this particular city - you will not find numerous narrow streets between medieval houses. First you need to find out the membership, their age limit and the level of activity - on the basis of this, the area of the city is determined, tasks are selected. If guests of the city take part in the quest, please let us know so that we can add the aspect of the tourist quest to it.

Corporate game Treasure hunt Chisinau

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team building activities Chisinau

The cost of a teambuilding Chisinau

Team building prices in Chisinau

You can order teambuilding in Chisinau or find out its cost by sending an application.
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Organization of a teambuilding in Chisinau

Chisinau is a good place for a teambuilding. There are many options in the city that can be suitable for organizing this type of event. There are a few ideas below that may be helpful when you will be planning a team building in Chisinau:

  1. Quests around the city. This is a great way to spend time in a team, get to know the city and test your problem-solving skills. The quest is a useful and active pastime.
  2. Culinary teambuilding in a restaurant. You can organize workshops on cooking traditional Moldovan dishes or hold a competition for the best dish. There are several restaurants and culinary studios in the city where you can host such event.
  3. Biking. Chisinau and its surroundings offer excellent conditions for cycling. This is a great way to spend time outdoors and build team spirit.
  4. Quest games in the park. There are several large parks in Chisinau where you can have a quest game. This is a great way to bring the team together and spend time in the open air.
  5. Outdoor teambuilding. You can organize a trip out of the city to the countryside, where you can hold various teambuilding activities in the open air.

Team building in Moldova