Teambuilding in Cyprus

teambuilding for employees Cyprus
The organization of teambuilding in Cyprus is possible in a diffferent of variations, but the most popular of the effective ones are classic teambuilding and a walking corporate quest, which we show you right below, and everything else is after.

Team building Cyprus

corporate teambuilding for employees
Whether you want to have a teambuilding outdoors or prefer indoor teambuilding - here and there you can use the "Universal" teambuilding program with great success. Due to the flexibility of the task made for this program, it can be adapted to a wide variety of resort establishments or wildlife areas. More information about all the benefits of the program - on the button below.

Team building outdoors Cyprus

If you do not have some very specific tasks that require indoor teambuilding, then Cyprus is simply created to conduct teambuilding programs in the open air. On a separate page, we describe ten variations of outdoor teambuilding, click on "more" if this is your option

Rope Course Cyprus

This well-known variant of a teambuilding here can be held either in one of the Cypriot forests or in the resort where your employees are located. To assess which tasks can be used, you will need at first visit the location or at least have a detailed photo and video report on the area.
scavenger hunt Cyprus
Team building quests Cyprus

City game Cyprus

treasure hunt Cyprus - quest for corporate party
A walking corporate quest in Cyprus can be successfully carried out in any more or less large city (most of the settlements that are listed on this page are suitable), and an adapted version of the quest can be implemented in the location of a cluster of resorts or in one of them. But it should be taken into account that a quest in the city is not only a teambuilding, but also a quest tour, which has a cognitive aspect, together with a teambuilding and entertaining one, which do not have such locations as tourist complexes.

Autoquest Cyprus

Quest by car will allow you to see the beauty of not only a particular city, but the whole region. For example, one of the routes of the autoquest stretched from Limassol to Paphos, covering a significant part of this enchanting island.

VIP Quest Cyprus

If you want something extraordinary for your team, a small group of friends or an individual, then you can consider either improved versions of existing programs or developing a strictly individual scenario for the personal characteristics of the participants and their goals.

team building activities in Cyprus

Popular cities

Team building Limassol

Team building activities Limassol

team building in Limassol
Our tailor-made program is specially tailored to be effective in most hotels or virtually any resort in Limassol. However, if you wish, you can take advantage of the Municipal Park or the Molos embankment.

Scavenger hunt corporate city game Limassol

Corporate walking quest "Treasure hunt Limassol"
The cozy winding streets of the central historical part of the city create an enchanting flavor of the mystery of the quest. The city is very convenient for such a team competition, but it must be taken into account that in the summer each participant must be provided with a bottle of water, or two ;-) Several quest tasks can be carried out on the territory of the Limassol medieval castle if desired. Below you can see photos from one of the walking quests in Limassol.
Limassol is the second largest city in Cyprus, located in the south of the island. Limassol is famous for its beaches, museums, castles and forts such as Limassol Castle and Kolossi Fortress.

Team building Nicosia

Team building in Nicosia

team building games Nicosia
We make teambuilding in Nicosia or on private hotel grounds or you can try to use public areas like Grammiko Park, Agios Dimitrios Park, Alsos Forest or Athalassa National Forest Park (claimed to be the largest park in Cyprus).

Scavenger hunt corporate city game Nicosia

Corporate walking quest "Treasure hunt Nicosia"
Depending on the program option, participants will visit such interesting sights of Nicosia as St. John's Cathedral, Paphos Gate, Church of Our Lady, Famagusta Gate, Archbishop's Palace, Constanta Bastion, Hagia Sophia, Market Ensemble.

An important specificity of the quest for Nicosia is to take a passport with you so that in the heat of excitement you do not accidentally enter the Turkish part of the capital (there have already been cases ;-)). There is nothing wrong here, but it will be much easier to come back with a document)).
Nicosia is the capital of Cyprus and the largest city on the island. Here you can visit many museums, galleries, restaurants and bars, as well as iconic sights such as Lusignan Castle, St. John's Cathedral, the Lefkosa block and the old town of Nicosia.

Team building Larnaca

Team building in Larnaca

team building games Larnaca
One of the great options for teambuilding in Larnaca is, of course, the beach, where you can hold a water or a classic version of the "Universal" teambuilding. You can also consider locations such as Pattichio Park, a municipal park or a state forest reserve.

Scavenger hunt corporate city game Larnaca

Corporate walking quest "Treasure hunt Larnaca"
During the quest, you will not only plunge into the excitement of solving mysteries, but also see the Larnaca Castle, the Orthodox Byzantine Church of St. Lazarus, the Roman Catholic Church with the Franciscan monastery and many other sightseeings of this seaside city.
Larnaca is the third largest city in Cyprus, located in the southeast of the island. Here you can visit the Finikoudes quay, the medieval castle of Larnaca, the Church of St. Lazarus and many museums.

team building organization Cyprus

Other cities

Team building Paphos

Team building activities in Paphos is offered to be held in the hotel where everyone lives at the moment, using its open area. The presence of the sea allows for not only classical, but also water teambuilding. We start the walking quest in Paphos from its most famous point - Paphos Castle. If you wish, you can use in the quest the territory of the most interesting Archaeological Park in Kato Paphos, which is adjacent to the city center.
Paphos is a city on the west coast of Cyprus, famous for its archaeological sites such as the ancient theater and the ruins of the ancient city of Nea Paphos. Here you can also visit museums, castles and fortresses.

Team building Ayia Napa

We would recommend to make a team building activities in Ayia Napa on the territory of the hotel or on the beach. Yes, you can try to use the forest park "Cape Greco", but the forest park is very conditional and in hot weather it can be somewhat uncomfortable there for these purposes if you do not stock up on the right amount of water.
We conduct a quest in Ayia Napa through the historical part of the town.
Ayia Napa is a resort town on the east coast of Cyprus, famous for its beaches, nightclubs and bars, and also for the archaeological museum and the old town.

Team building Protaras

We recommend combining a quest in Protaras with a teambuilding program, which includes a quest as one third of your own program. The classic walking quest will most likely be inappropriate here, since Protaras is not even a city, but rather a village and there are actually no sights here, except for the Church of St. Elijah the Prophet.

team building games Cyprus

Order a team building in Cyprus

Teambuilding prices Cyprus

You can find out the cost of a teambuilding in Cyprus by sending an application.

Organization of teambuilding in Cyprus

Cyprus is a great place for teambuilding due to its warm climate, beautiful scenery and the abundance of places to visit and activities.

Some ideas for self-guided team building in Cyprus:
1. Island Tours - Cyprus has many sightseeing such as monasteries, castles and archaeological sites. This can be a great way for the team to get to know each other better and spend time together.
2. Water Sports - Diving, snorkeling, wakeboarding and other water sports can be enjoyed in Cyprus. This can be a great opportunity for the team to learn to trust each other and work together.
3. Cooking classes - Cyprus is known for its cuisine, which combines elements of Turkish, Greek and Italian cuisine. The team can be offered a cooking class where they can learn how to cook local dishes and learn more about each other.
4. Hiking and Walking - Cyprus has many great places for walking and hiking, such as the Troodos Mountains, the Akhna Valley and the Capa Greco National Park. This can be a great way for the team to enjoy the beauty of the island together.
5. Sports activities: Cyprus offers many options for sports activities such as golf, tennis, water sports, horse riding, cycling, etc. Competitions can help build team spirit and motivate members. It can be a football tournament, water skiing competitions, paintball games, etc.
6. Cultural Events: Cyprus is a place rich in history and culture and hosting events related to it can help strengthen teamwork within an organization. This can be visiting local sightseeing, museums, cultural events, etc.
7. Training Courses: Training courses are a great way to increase the knowledge and skills of team members, as well as to ensure that they are better prepared for problem solving. In Cyprus, you can find training courses on various topics such as time management, effective communication, project management, etc.

It is important to choose activities that are right for your team and will help them strengthen their bonds and increase efficiency.
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