Teambuilding in Warsaw

Cohesion trainig in Warsaw
Teambuilding in Warsaw covers a wide variety of programs both in the city itself and outside of it. Below we will talk about the most popular of them.

Organization of a teambuilding in Warsaw

The main options

Universal teambuilding program

cohesion trainig
Corporate teambuilding for employees "Universal" is good because:
* teambuilding is possible both outdoors and indoors, so that we do not depend on the vagaries of nature;
* this cohesion training is suitable for different people, regardless of age and physical abilities (including if these different groups are mixed in one team);
* these teambuilding games develop team cohesion, but at the same time they are exciting and interesting - people participate in them with pleasure;
* Even after the finish, no one knows the final result and the intrigue lasts until the very rewarding.
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City game in Warsaw

Walking quest Warsaw
Walking quests (city games) in Warsaw can be held in many locations, but the most popular of them are those located in the city center.
A quest for a corporate party can take place with a minimum number of participants - 10 people; recommended - from 20 people; the maximum is 700.

According to the same program, tourist quests are held in Warsaw. The tourist quest is specially adapted for visitors in terms of complexity - this is already a teambuilding and a quest excursion at the same time.
The adventure quest is held for small groups from 2 to 12 people.
More details about the corporate quest:

Where to have a teambuilding in Warsaw

Locations for team building in Warsaw

Teambuilding outdoors in Warsaw

Field teambuilding
Teambuilding in the park
Teambuilding at the recreation center
Team building at the sea
Locations for a teambuilding in Warsaw and beyond.
The organization of a teambuilding in the open air in Warsaw consists of several stages, and one of the most important is the choice of a location for a teambuilding. To make the right choice, you need to decide on the following: do you want to conduct only a teambuilding or after / before it there is a desire to organize other events (conference, training, meeting, gala dinner, disco). If the goal is only a teambuilding and the budget is limited, then the event can be held in your office or park without leaving the city. If we have the second case, then it would be preferable to have a territory where it will be possible to organize a resting place, food and other events.

Indoor teambuilding Warsaw

Teambuilding in the office
Teambuilding in a restaurant
Teambuilding in the hotel
Teambuilding in the conference hall

The cost of a teambuilding Warsaw

Teambuilding prices in Warsaw

You can order a teambuilding in Warsaw or find out its price by sending an application.
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