Team building in Turkey

teambuilding for employees Turkey
The organization of a teambuilding in Turkey is carried out either in large cities or in resort cities. In the first ones, quest and creative programs prevail, and in the second ones, classical team building programs. If you are interested in a specific city, click the appropriate button.

team building organization Turkey

Basic options

Teambuilding outdoors in Turkey

Teambuilding "Universal" consists of three blocks of tasks: here are cohesion games, and a quest in the open air, and intellectual teambuilding. The universality of the event lies in the large number of tasks that this program solves, as well as in fact that it can be implemented virtually anywhere. It is mostly done outdoors, but it can just as well be used for indoor teambuilding.

Corporate quest in Turkey "Scavenger hunt"

A corporate quest is a progressive solution that is becoming more and more popular. Encouraging employees with an interesting event (teambuilding quest), the business owner at the same time solves the issue of strengthening bonds within the team and improving the team.

Walking quest "Treasure hunt" in Turkey

Quest tour in Turkey can be implemented through this type of team building. For two and a half hours, the participants will do two things at the same time and, what is important, will succeed in both. On the one hand, the problem of teambuilding will be solved, on the other hand, everyone will get acquainted with the most significant sights of the city.

Autoquest in Turkey

Quest by car has both its advantages and disadvantages according to its walking counterpart. The advantage is that here it will certainly be possible to cover a much larger area of the city, and therefore see everything that is impossible to do on your feet. However, the technical implementation of this project will require more investments, for example, the rental of vehicles, and the linear task system will not allow all teams to complete the event at the same time.

VIP quest Turkey

A special approach to solving non-standard tasks allows you to create an original product that participants in a privileged quest may enjoy.

Rope course in Turkey

The classics of the teambuilding genre can be implemented in most of the various open air locations in Turkey. It will take a preliminary analysis to give an unequivocal answer to whether the terrain is suitable and what types of tasks can be used here.

teambuilding games Turkey

Popular cities
Teambuilding in Turkey
Thinking about corporate team`building for employees, you should first figure out what goals and objectives you want to achieve. Take into account the age, physical condition, psychological mood of the participants. You can choose a team building program yourself or make a request and we will give you a full free consultation on this issue.

Team building Istanbul

Istanbul team building activities

team building in Istanbul
If you want to have a teambuilding in the open air in Istanbul itself, then you can consider park or forest areas such as: Florya Ataturk Forest, Gulhane Park, Yildiz Park, Golden Horn Summer Recreation Area, etc. Ideally, if you are staying in a hotel with a large enough outdoor area, hold the event right there. As a rule, it is not difficult to negotiate with the administration, there are no financial and time costs for logistics, and the awarding can be done simply by going to the hotel restaurant or in the same open area. You can find out all the nuances of teambuilding by clicking on the "more" button.

Scavenger hunt corporate city game in Istanbul

Corporate walking quest "Treasure hunt Istanbul"
The most popular starting point for a walking quest in Istanbul is Mehmet Akif Ersoy Park. From here the teams go to a variety of quest points that are popular all over the world: Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Serpentine Column, German Fountain, obelisks of Theodosius and Constantine, the mausoleum of princes, the ablution fountain, the Gothic Column (and a beautiful view of the Bosphorus Strait from it) and all nearby monuments and sights.
A lot of branched streets allows you to lay a variety of routes and the teams do not pursue each other, but each chooses its own path - there is no crush, but only the adrenaline of the quest, riddles and chase: who will be in time for the next checkpoint and collect treasures that others will not get, who will solve the riddle at the object, and who, having laid the best route, will visit as many points as possible and receive important victory points for this.
You can find out all the information about the mechanics of the quest by clicking on the "more" button.

Teambuilding Antalya

Antalya team building activities

team building in Antalya
In the vast majority of cases, teambuilding in Antalya is carried out on the territory of the host hotels - in fact, all of them are provided with sufficient territory for the required programs. If you do not have such an opportunity, then you can choose one of the parks, such as Yavuz Ozcan Park or Karaalioglu Park.

Scavenger hunt corporate city game in Antalya

Corporate walking quest "Treasure hunt Antalya"
The quest usually starts from Hadrian's Gate or from a square with a fountain not far from the Clock Tower. The sights are quite compact, so it would be nice to add three to five team building tasks to this quest if the budget allows.

Team building Ankara

Ankara team building activities

team building in Ankara
Teambuilding in the open air in Ankara can be held in the Youth Park, Gazi Forest Park, Independence Park, Ciftieth Anniversary Park (excellent views of the city), Cankaya Botanical Park or on the territory of any institution on the shores of Lake Mogan or Eimir. If you are not planning to rent a restaurant or a holiday club, then Mogan Park can be considered.

Scavenger hunt corporate city game Ankara

Corporate walking quest "Treasure hunt Ankara"
You can start walking quests in Ankara from the State Museum of Fine Arts or the Ankara History Museum. In this case, it is possible to lay traffic routes in all directions and check which strategy turned out to be the most correct at the end of the quest.

Teambuilding Izmir

Izmir team building activities

team building in Izmir
Good places for outdoor teambuilding are Road Park, İnciralti City Forest or Kultury Park. Hotels on the shores of the Aegean Sea with their well-equipped outdoor areas are suitable for classic teambuilding.

Scavenger hunt corporate city game in Izmir

Corporate walking quest "Treasure hunt Izmir"
From a geographical point of view, the best starting point will be the square in front of the Izmir Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism. There are many benches with awnings if you have to wait a bit, but the main point, of course, is that the quest locations are on all sides (well, except for the sea, of course). If the aesthetic moment becomes the cornerstone, then Konak Square in the Clock Tower area will be the best starting point.

team building games Turkey

Other cities

Team building Bursa

Team building activities in Bursa can be held both in the numerous parks of the city, and in the nearest resorts on the coast of the Sea of Marmara or near Mount Uludag. Having ordered a walking quest around Bursa, you will see the famous Green Mosque, the Green Mausoleum (Yeshil Turbe), the Ulu-Jami Mosque and other sights of the city.

Team building Adana

Team building activities in Adana can be held in the Central Park or local hotels located on the river and Lake Seyhan. The Adana quest includes the ancient Roman stone bridge, the historical Little Clock, the Sabanci (Sabanci) Mosque, the large Clock Tower and other beauties and monuments of the city.

Team building Gaziantep

In order to hold a team building activities in Gaziantep, Burk Natural Park or Festival Park is the most suitable. As always, the historical center of the city is excellent for conducting a walking quest in Gaziantep, where you cannot pass by the fortress of Gaziantep and, of course, the world-famous largest museum of Roman mosaics in Zeugma.

Team building Konya

Unfortunately, there are not so many public venues for team building activities in Konya. As an option, we can suggest the Forest of Martyrs in the western part of the city. A walking quest in Konya will not be deprived of interesting locations, here are some of them: the Aziziye Mosque, the Mevlana Museum, the Ala ad-Din Mosque and numerous of sights of the park adjacent to it, as well as many others.

Team building Mersin

As a public platform for team building activities in Mersin, you can try to use the Ataturk Park on the coast of the Mersin Gulf. You can start the walking quest around Mersin from the above mentioned park. There are many sights here, for example: the Yumuktepe mound, the Mersin Museum of Archeology, the Mugdat Mosque, the Ataturk House Museum, the Eski Mosque and so on.

Order a teambuilding in Turkey

Teambuilding prices Turkey

You can find out the cost of a teambuilding in Turkey by sending an application.

Team building games in Turkey

Turkey is a country with many different cultures and languages which makes it an interesting place to visit. It has something to offer tourists from all over the world. If you are planning to go there for a teambuilding event, here are some tips for you about the programs. The most effective here will be:

* Walking quest through the city center
* Classic universal team building in the park or not on the territory of the hotel

If you have ever been to Turkey, you know how beautiful this country is. The people, food and culture are all unique and delightful. Teambuilding in Turkey can include everything from rope courses and zip lines to climbing mountains and participating in a quest through ancient ruins. The reason why so many companies choose Turkey as their teambuilding destination is because it offers such an incredible variety of activities. And all these activities are made to help you strengthen relationships with colleagues and have fun at the same time. Teambuilding in Turkey can be held on a small or large scale, depending on which company you work for or what event you are planning. There are many options when it comes to finding something fun and exciting for everyone involved! There is no doubt that Turkey is a wonderful country to visit. With its rich history and vibrant culture, it's no wonder so many people are drawn to this beautiful country.

Corporate quests - a type of teambuilding that can help boost your company's productivity and morale. Walkiung quests are a form of downtown adventure where team members work together to complete objectives in order to earn points for their team. Many companies around the world have begun to use quests as an effective way to build teamwork among employees and increase their efficiency at work. Party quests help create stronger relationships between members of the organization, as they must rely on each other. Turkey is a country rich in history and culture and is one of the most popular places for teambuilding events. Turkey has been inhabited by people for over 10,000 years, so there are many interesting historical sites to visit and experience the local culture. Turkey has a rich history as an important trade route for merchants traveling between Europe and Asia. This travel heritage makes Turkey an excellent choice for a group trip that can include elements of history, culture and adventure. There are many reasons why you should consider Turkey for your next teambuilding event. First, this is an incredible story. The country has been around for thousands of years and there is a lot to see and do here that will help you understand what life was like in ancient times. Secondly, these are the wonders of nature: mountains, beaches and forests - all this awaits you within easy reach of most major cities. In many of these places, you can arrange a universal teambuilding with magnificent views of the surrounding nature. Thirdly... well, thirdly, we have to talk about how delicious Turkish food is. This is truly one of the most delicious cuisines in the world - and having tasted kebab or baklava during the rewarding teambuilding, we think you will agree with this!
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