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Teambuilding in Budapest can be held both in the city itself and outside it, depending on the goals and objectives that you set. If the goal is to get to know the city, improve mutual understanding between employees and entertain them, then quests around the city are the best. If you need a deeper study of trust between the participants, establishing mutual understanding and improving teamwork, then you should pay attention to teambuilding programs.

Organization of a teambuilding in Budapest

Basic options

Universal teambuilding program

teambuilding - cohesion training
This program is a classic option, where corporate teambuilding closes the main goals and objectives. The tasks are made that way that they are interesting for the participants and at the same time virtually everyone can participate in them without restrictions on age or abilities. An important emphasis is placed on excitement - the maximum involvement of participants provides a practical result from the training. Initially created as a program for team building in nature (team building in the park - here are suitable: Orci Park, Varoshliget City Park, Karoli Garden, Margaret Island, and even Mount Gellert; or team building outside the city), it has been improved and adapted and, due to its popularity, is already being held indoor.

Team building games in Budapest

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Scavenger hunt Budapest

Game city Budapest

Walking city quest for a corporate party
Walking quests in Budapest are started depending on the selected area of the city game from the following points: Heroes' Square, Fisherman's Bastion, Hungarian State Opera House. Participants will get acquainted with the main sights of the capital of Hungary, combining the tourist moment in the quest with many others: excitement, dynamism, strategic. There are many tasks in the quest, and therefore everyone will find something that they will like here. By competently delegating tasks and powers, teams can succeed in one area or another, choosing the tasks that are the most priority for themselves. The mechanics of the quest is built in such a way that everyone finishes at the same time and at the same point, which allows you to go to a festive lunch or dinner immediately by the end of which, after calculating the results, an award will be held. This type of team building is a great option, because a quest for a corporate party does not require any special additional preparation, and right after completion, participants can switch to both work and celebration, depending on the tasks you set.

City game Budapest

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Budapest team building activities

The cost of a teambuilding Budapest

Teambuilding prices in Budapest

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