Team building in Poland

Teambuilding Poland
The organization of a teambuilding in Poland mainly takes place in large cities those are presented below. In order to quickly jump to the required city, press the appropriate button.
Corporate team building in Poland
Building a team is well influenced by corporate team building for employees. The main thing is to order the right teambuilding. It depends on the goals and objectives that you set up for this event, as well as it depends on the specifics of your team (age, gender ratio, physical abilities, etc.), the level of already established relationships and other factors. Even a short communication will allow you to choose the optimal teambuilding program for your situation. A free consultation can be obtained by filling out this form.

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Team building Warsaw
We have a separate page for teambuilding and walking quests in Warsaw, so if you are interested in this particular city, then click on the "Details" button:

Teambuilding Krakow

Teambuilding in Krakow

teambuilding games Krakow
If you make teambuilding outdoors in Krakow, but at the same time in the city, then the Beliansko-Tyniecki Landscape Park is ideal here. Smaller parks can also come up: Krovoderska Park, Jalu Kurek Park, Alexandra Park, Wojciech Bednarski Park. Water teambuilding will perfectly take place on the banks of the Vistula or numerous nearby lakes, and the rope course in any wooded area. Classic teambuilding can be done almost anywhere. From our experience, we can say that the most popular places for it are country recreation centers.

Corporate city game (walking quest) in Krakow

The start of the quest usually takes place on the main market square of Krakow from the monument to Adam Mickiewicz or from the church of St. Wojciech. In addition to various monuments and interesting places in Krakow, you will, of course, visit the Krakow Barbican, the Basilica of the Holy Trinity, the Wawel Castle, the Cathedral of Saints Stanislaus and Wenceslas, the famous Krakow Meadow right in the middle of the city (by the way, this is a former city ... pasture), Jagiellonian University , Jewish Kazimierz.

Teambuilding Lodz

Teambuilding in Lodz

teambuilding games Lodz
Piłsudskiego Park is the best for teambuilding outdoors in Lodz, but besides it there are parks: Prince Józef Poniatowski Park, Park Baden-Powella which is located right next to Park 3 Maja and these two locations can be combined, Park Źródliska I, Park nad Jasieniem, Podolski Park, Park Staromiejski are also suitable for team building tasks.

Corporate city game (walking quest) in Lodz

Walking quests in Łódź usually start either from the Museum of Natural History of the University of Łódź or from Fabrikant Oak, depending on the structure of the chosen quest.

Teambuilding Wroclaw

Teambuilding in Wroclaw

teambuilding games Wroclaw
We recommend for outdoor teambuilding in Wroclaw Szczytnicki Park. If it does not fit geographically or because of the large number of people there, then you can consider such Wroclaw locations as: Grabiszynski Park, Park Południowy, Park Generała Władysława Andersa, Skowroni Park, Park Wschodni, West Park and for more teambuilding immersion outdoors: Las Pilczycki or Las Strachociński forest.

Corporate city game (walking quest) in Wroclaw

We start walking quests in Wroclaw from the fountain on the Market Square or from the monument to Juliusz Slowacki, which is next to the Racłowice Panorama or from the Wroclaw Puppet Theater.

Teambuilding Poznan

Teambuilding in Poznan

teambuilding games Poznan
Good places for outdoor teambuilding: Citadel Park, John Paul II Park, Park ks. Jozefa Jasinskiego, Jan Kasprowicz Park. Outside the city, you can arrange a team building on the coast of one of the many lakes here.

Corporate city game (walking quest)
in Poznan

Start of walking quests in Poznań - from the fountain of Apollo, Mars or Neptune, which is on or next to Poznań Market Square - at the discretion of the Customer - see which one you like more)

Teambuilding Gdansk

Teambuilding in Gdansk

teambuilding games Gdansk
Jaśkowa Valley Park or Tri-City Landscape Park is ideal for outdoor teambuilding. You can also consider the following options: President Ronald Reagan Park, Park Akademicki, but Park Steffensów can be combined into one location with Zielony Park. Team building outside the city can be held in the numerous seaside resorts of Gdansk on the Baltic Sea.

Corporate city game (walking quest)
in Gdansk

The starting point for walking quests in Gdansk is the Neptune Fountain at the Long Market or from the Fountain of the Four Blocks (Kogi, Rybacki, Sheroki and Vysoki) - next to the Royal Chapel of Gdansk

Teambuilding Szczecin

Teambuilding in Szczecin

teambuilding games Szczecin
Within the city, Kasprowicz Park or Żeromski Park is the best place for teambuilding. You can also consider Park Brodowski.
An ideal team building can happen in the Kurovskie Boloty Reserve if you manage to get permission to make teambuilding there.
Well, and, of course, there are a lot of wonderful places on the coast of Lake Dombe, which will bring an excellent natural atmosphere to your event.

Corporate city game (walking quest)
in Szczecin

You can start walking quests from the Stettin Castle or the Museum of the History of Szczecin, which is on the Sennaya Market Square or from the fountain opposite the Szczecin Town Hall on Karol Szymanowski Street.

Teambuilding Bydgoszcz

Teambuilding in Bydgoszcz

teambuilding games Bydgoszcz
Outdoor teambuilding in Bydgoszcz can be done in places like Park im. Jana Henryka Dąbrowskiego, Park Ludowy im. Wincentego Witosa, Park. Casimir the Great, Park Jana Kochanowskiego w Bydgoszczy, Park. Zbigniew Zaluski, Park Nad Kanalem. Teambuilding outdoors in Bydgoszcz can be held at various recreation centers located on the Brda and Vistula rivers.

Corporate city game (walking quest) in Bydgoszcz

Classic places to start a corporate quest in Bydgoszcz are the Monument to Casimir the Great or the square on Mill Island.

Teambuilding Lublin

Teambuilding in Lublin

teambuilding games Lublin
One of the best places for a teambuilding in Lublin may be the Chekhov Hills (Górki Czechowskie), where the only significant problem may be numerous cyclists ;-), also good: Park Ludowy, Saxon Garden, Park im. Św. Jana Pawla II). Outside of Lublin, the Kozłowiecki Park Krajobrazowy is good, as well as options for hotels in yhe open air, especially those on Lake Zemborzyckie.

Corporate city game (walking quest) in Lublin

The most popular starting point for walking quests in Lublin is near the fountain on Lithuanian Square, there is also such an option as Krakow Gate or Farna Square.

Teambuilding Bialystok

Teambuilding in Bialystok

teambuilding games Bialystok
In the city, for team building, you can use Park Constitution of May 3, Skwery Tamary Sołoniewicz, Central Park, Skatepark Przy Dworcu, Park Lubomirskich, Bagno forest (Las Bagno). Team building in the open air in Bialystok can be held at the Semianow reservoir (Zbiornik wodny Siemianówka), located in the southeast of the city or in the Narew National Park, which is to the west of Bialystok, or in one of the hotels or tourist bases beyond the board of the city.

Corporate city game (walking quest) in Bialystok

We start walking quest programs either in the square of the famous Esperantist Ludwik Zamenhof or in front of the Branicki Palace.

Teambuilding Zakopane

Teambuilding in Zakopane

teambuilding games Zakopane
Right in the town teambuilding can be held in the park named after President Lech Kaczynski or the city park of Marshal Jozef Pilsudski, but there are so many hotels and recreation centers that it will be easier and more comfortable to hold team building programs on their territory.

Corporate walking quest in Zakopane

The start of walking quests in Zakopane is either from the monument to Jozef Kuras or from the Tatra Museum, if the quest takes place in the city. Zakopane is a small town, so the quest can be combined with team building and even take place outside the hotel where your group is staying.

Team coherence Poland

Teambuilding, games, quests

Teambuilding games in Poland

Team building games are developing year by year, now there is a wide variety of them and they even have their own classification. There are team building games for the coherence of the water plan, there are rope games, there are classic and, of course, VIP ones. All of this is described in detail in a separate article on our website. Click on if you're interested.

Quest for a corporate party in Poland

A corporate quest can be held either indoors or it will be a quest in the open air. If everything is more or less clear with the second option, then in the first case there are a lot of variations. Firstly, you can start next to the room where the banquet will be, and conduct a walking quest around the city, the finish of which will be exactly in the room. You can also conduct a quest for a corporate party without leaving the premises: this is a quiz, a banquet quest, and a whole list that you can find on a separate page - click the "Details" button.

Teambuilding outdoors in Poland

The minimum program here is a city park, but, of course, if you want real nature, then you should leave the city. Poland is very compact, but at the same time it has the widest range of natural opportunities: from teambuilding in the Carpathian mountains to teambuilding programs on the Baltic Sea.

The cost of a teambuilding in Poland

Teambuilding prices Poland

You can order a teambuilding in Poland or find out its price by sending an application.
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